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Handmade Guitar straps Inspired by the Meso American God or Goddess


Atlaua was a water god,

fishermen and archer


The Aztecs prayed to him when

there were deaths in water and

the lake was said to be 'floating

with heads and corpses'

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Oxomoco is an Aztec deity,

goddess of the night, the

astrology and the calendar


Oxomoco and Cipactona

l were said to be the first

human couple, and the Aztec

comparison to Adam and Eve

in regard to human creation

and evolution

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Chantico was the goddess of

fires in the family hearth and



She also wears a crown of

poisonous cactus spikes, and

takes the form of a red


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Also known as mother of the

Gods, Toci is the ancient

prune faced patron of

midwives and healers


But she is also associated

with war, which seems like a

bit of a double edged sword

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Pacha Kamaq ('Earth Maker')

was considered the creator

god by the people who lived

in Peru before the Inca



He was believed to have

created the first man and

woman, but forgot to give

them food and the man died

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Ekkeko was a god of the

hearth and wealth


The ancients made dolls that

represented him and placed a

miniature version of their

desires onto the doll; this was

believed to have caused the

user to receive what he


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Huracan is a K'iche' Maya god

of wind, storm, fire and one of

the creator deities who

participated in all three

attempts at creating humanity


He also caused the

Great Flood after the second

generation of humans

angered the gods

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Mama Cocha ('Mother Ocean')

was a sea and fish

goddess, protectress of

sailors and fishermen


She ensures that there are

plenty of fish in the sea,

averting storms and calming

the seas

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Atlacoya ('Sad Waters') was the

Aztec goddess of drought and

barren land


Associated with the worship of

pulque, a traditional Mexican

alcoholic beverage

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Cocomama is a goddess of

health and happiness


The tale goes that she was

accused of being

promiscuous by a jealous


Other sources describe her

as benevolent and beneficial

Nature divinity

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